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Inductance Products Of Inductor Types Based On Magnetic Core Design

Inductance Products of Inductor Types Based on Magnetic Core Design

Core geometry also affects inductor performance. Some of these designs are given below.

Toroidal Core Inductor

The construction of a toroidal core inductor consists of a wire wound around a magnetic core that has a ring or toroidal surface. These are usually composed of different materials such as ferrite, iron powder and tape wraps, etc. Such inductors have high coupling results between windings and early saturation.

It is arranged to minimize magnetic flux loss, helping to avoid coupling of magnetic flux to other equipment. It has high energy transfer efficiency and high inductance value in low-frequency applications. These inductors are mainly used in medical equipment, switching regulators, air conditioners, refrigerators, telecommunication, and musical instruments,  etc.

Skeleton core inductor

Bobbin core inductors are made with a bobbin-shaped core. It is a cylinder with two flat discs at each end. Also known as drum core inductance.

The coil is wound on the cylinder. A bobbin core does not provide a closed magnetic circuit; instead, the flux enters the air gap through a disc, and then enters the core through a second disc at the opposite end. It provides a large air gap for its magnetic field to store more energy, thus increasing the saturation current of the inductor. This means that the inductor can handle high peak currents without saturating, but at the expense of electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions.

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