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What are magnetic cores and what are they used for

Magnetic cores are materials or structures that are designed to enhance and manipulate magnetic fields in electronic devices. They are typically made of ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, or ferrite, that have high magnetic permeability.
Magnetic cores are used in various applications, including:
Transformers: Magnetic cores are a crucial component in transformers. They help to efficiently transfer electrical energy between different voltage levels by providing a path for the magnetic flux generated by the primary winding to induce a voltage in the secondary winding.
Inductors: Magnetic cores are used in inductors to store energy in the form of a magnetic field. They increase the inductance of the coil, allowing for better control of current flow and filtering of unwanted signals or noise.
Chokes: Magnetic cores are used in chokes, also known as inductive filters, to suppress or filter out high-frequency noise or interference in electronic circuits.
Magnetic sensors: Magnetic cores are used in magnetic sensors, such as Hall effect sensors, to detect and measure magnetic fields. They help convert magnetic field variations into electrical signals for various applications, including position sensing, speed sensing, and current sensing.
Magnetic shielding: Magnetic cores can be used to create magnetic shields that protect sensitive electronic components from external magnetic fields. They help to redirect or absorb magnetic flux, reducing interference and maintaining signal integrity.
Overall, magnetic cores play a crucial role in enhancing the performance, efficiency, and functionality of various electronic devices by controlling and manipulating magnetic fields.

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