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Precision Transformer Core Characteristics: Principle

Precision Transformer Core Characteristics: Principle

Before addressing the question of why the transformer core is made of a plate, you need to understand the nature of the structural components. The purpose of this mechanism is to concentrate the magnetic flux entering the system. These values ​​are obtained by processing the resulting constants and corresponding measurements. Without the core, it is difficult to measure the technical characteristics of the device, including the coefficient of error, performance, etc.

Why transformer cores are made of different plates - to improve the magnetic properties of these metals and elements.

The system consists of solid tiles of different thicknesses. You can make various product variations: from 0.5 to 0.35 mm, but you can also find other thicknesses. The cold-rolled and hot-rolled variants differ by improved magnetic circuit characteristics, but the assembly of the unit involves different work skills.

Even the looped ones can be pulled from the helically folded rope. In this method, assembly involves positioning the secondary winding, while the inductive resistance of the primary winding can be significantly reduced (closer to zero), thereby improving the accuracy of the work.

If the voltage of the system can exceed 100 volts and amps, and the operating frequency is 50 Hz, why should the core of the transformer be constructed of different sheets - to increase the working efficiency and ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Thin devices from different core boards need to be assembled - this eliminates eddy current losses. They deform under the influence of transformer magnetostriction, and their performance deteriorates, preventing high-quality power measurements and other technical characteristics.

However, through experimental calculations, we found that the numerical values ​​of the mechanical vibrations are different because the noise generates higher harmonics. It is clear why the core of the transformer is made of different sheets and only high-quality metals are used to produce it.

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