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Introduction To The Types Of Inductors In Core-based Inductance Products

The core of an inductor in an Inductance Products is its heart. There are various types of inductors depending on the core material used. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Air Core Inductor

A common inductor with a simple winding is this air core inductor. This only has air as the core material. Air core inductors use any non-magnetic material such as plastics and ceramics as the magnetic core to reduce core losses i.e. eddy current losses and stray losses, especially at very high operating frequencies. However, using a non-magnetic core also reduces its inductance.

Inductor type

Air core inductors are used to construct RF tuning coils. They are also used in filter circuits, buffer circuits, and high-frequency applications including television and radio receivers.

Iron core inductor

These inductors have a ferromagnetic material, such as ferrite or iron, as the core material. The use of such core materials helps increase inductance due to their high permeability. These inductors have high power values ​​but limited high frequency capacity.

Inductor type

Inductors with ferromagnetic core materials like these suffer from core and energy losses at high frequencies.

Where small space inductors are required, these iron core inductors are the best choice. These inductors are also used to make several types of transformers. Iron core inductors are suitable for audio equipment. Compared with other core indicators, the application of these indicators is very limited.

Ferrite Core Inductors

These types of inductors use ferrite cores. Ferrite is a material with high magnetic permeability made of iron oxide mixed with a small number of other metals such as nickel, zinc, barium, etc.

Ferrite cores have very low conductivity, which reduces eddy currents in the core, resulting in very low eddy current losses at high frequencies. Therefore, they can be used in high-frequency applications. They also have the advantage of reducing costs.

Inductor type

There are two types of ferrites, hard ferrite, and soft ferrite.

Hard ferrites are also called permanent magnets. These maintain the polarity of the magnetization even after the magnetic field is removed. They are not used in inductors because they have high hysteresis losses.

Soft ferrite can reverse the polarity of its magnetization without requiring any specific energy to reverse the magnetic polarity. Their magnetization changes easily and are good conductors of magnetic fields. So they are used in transformers and inductors.

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